My calorie-counting habits are impacting my life negatively, but I don't know really know how to stop. What should I do?

Dieting/Fitness will always impact your life socially if you take it very seriously; I know it does for me. But there is a limit.

Personally, I don't just go to the gym religiously, I'm a food health nut myself. I eat home 99% of the time, I cook everything, it's all organic and I take count of all the macros. Most of what I end up eating is Chicken, Vegetables, and Rice. If I eat anything else, it's still healthy like yogurt, and it's always organic. I also don't really drink because not only is it a waste of calories, but it negatively impacts the way your body takes in protein, which I don't find worth it.

Originally when I became like this, I, like you, took it at 100% and didn't allow any leeway. I lost 50% of my friends because I stopped going out drinking/out to eat, my family takes issue with the fact that I either don't eat at, or bring my own food to holiday gatherings, and I've even skipped out on dates if the girl persistently wanted to go somewhere to eat that I couldn't deem healthy.

As I progressed though I realized there are fair comprises that should, and really have to be made. There is now food/restaurants I know in the area that i will go out to with friends/chicks/family whatever. Anything with well reviewed fish, fish is always organic so you're pretty set with a piece of salmon if you ask for it to be cooked without butter/other shit on it. Sushi goes along the same lines, if you go to a great Sashimi place you can't really go wrong.

I even have picked out a fast food place. Chipolte lists all of thier ingredients online, and even where they source it out of it. It's not close to organic, but it's all real and natural stuff; which is more that can be said for all other fast food places, subway included. I don't eat there often, maybe a couple times a year, but it's a place on the list.

You just need to learn to compromise in the areas where you really can.

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