Should I close my cavity

I can completely agree with you here. Surgery is nooo joke, from complications during the procedure, to complications from anesthesia, to infections, and other numerous complications, like permanent damage to your nerve endings, so no pleasurable sex. I mean people need to start really questioning why do you feel the need to get this surgery…. Also tell the people the truth that it may not make them happy in their skin afterwards, they are still going to have dysmorphia, I mean body dysmorphia is a thing and look at him much plastic surgery they have and are never happy with their bodies. They end up looking like plastic Barbie dolls.

This is not something to push a person into, especially young children who are going through the most confusing and awkward times of their lives. It is sickening how easy it is to persuade a young girl or boy to jump off the bridge when everyone else is doing it…. I’m terrified for the next generation…. If there is one after all if everyone transitions, who’s going to have children?

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