should i delete my vinted account ?

If you’re upset that items you’re selling that no one wants and they don’t sell, then yes, delete your account, especially if you’re shifting the blame onto someone else or in this instance Vinted,

The problem resides with your items being too high priced or just garbage no one wants, think of it this way, in charity shops, there’s items that have been their years that don’t sell because no one wants them, same difference, who’s the charity shop staff going to blame, the building?No. this is why you see a lot of £1 rails or even 50p rails, to budge that kind of stuff.

Own up and take responsibility for yourself, if you’re items are not selling, look at yourself and your account, see what you can do, if it was me, I’d bundle a lot of the stuff that isn’t selling info one listing at a too good to miss price. Sure, you’ll get a little less, but it’s still a sale.

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