How can I improve my bird cage?

While you’re in the process of acquiring more perches and toys, you should rearrange the items already in the cage. I recommend moving the perch at the bottom to the top. Try placing it opposite of the perch already positioned at the top of the cage. Budgies are prey animals and as such they tend to like having the advantage of being up high. It feels safe for them. Another idea is position a toy to hang from the top of the cage so it hangs down next to the perch. Instead of just securing toys to the side of the cage. Hanging the toy from above gives the birbs something to grab or climb on that moves and swings around. It will help give them some much needed stimulation. You could try hanging a toy from the cage top so it's hanging in between the fork of the perch on the top left. There was a comment on your post suggesting not to hang toys from the top of the cage so you’re not crowding the space the birds can use to fly. I agree with this person that you don’t want to overcrowd the space. However, 2-3 toys or even more depending on size will be fine to hang from the top of the cage. It adds more interest. My 3yr old budgie girl loves to jump on her toys that hang from the top of the cage. She jumps onto them and flutters her wings and swings all around with the toy. Sometimes she looks like she’s wind surfing! lol

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