Should I hide my wealth from my employees and business partners

Sorry to hear that. I literally am going through the same thing this week. I go out of my way to make life easier for my people because they’re my people. But the pandemic has made a lot of us in my field want to change career paths/pursue their dreams, and they’re ok with dropping this career (and consequently me) like hot garbage. It was an upsetting realization that even though we can be friendly and even though I can be in the shit with them, they’re still looking out for number one because that’s what everyone is taught when it comes to a job. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what your situation is, but maybe it sheds a little light. In my situation, I’m the guy who likes seeing everyone work together to build a product, and I treat people very well, and they’re the guys who just clock in and out, no matter how good/easy the job is.

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