Show me your thumbnail(s), I'll review them!

Hello GameMode! I'll be taking a look at three of your channel's thumbnails. So let's get started.

Just a reminder that I'm not a professional, art is completely subjective, and things others find appealing may not appeal to me. You have to decide whether it's worth considering my feedback or not. I could potentially be a black sheep in a white herd.

{Analysis} : Let's Learn: Advanced Warfare - Kill Confirmed & MP11 - Game Mode

  • PRO: Nice Hat Photoshop
  • PRO: Good Colours
  • CON: Text Could Be Aligned Better
  • CON: Logo Could Be Aligned Better
  • ???: Text Effects?

The text description of the video in the thumbnail has just been eaten by the YouTube timer. You may want to consider aligning the text there to the left, or sticking with simpler titles.

I'd recommend aligning the logo to the center of the 'Let's Learn:' text. Why? Because the logo itself uses center alignment in terms of the 'Advanced Warfare' compared to the 'Call of Duty'. Alongside this, you should just increase the size of the logo while you're at it. Since it's the same thumbnail each time, it won't matter if the background is covered up.

A quick ??? for you part: I noticed your font choice pretty much matches the font of 'Advanced Warfare'. So let's go the next step- add a radial gradient into the text that matches Advanced Warfare's. You can do this by selecting your first colour as the one furthest away from the center of 'Advanced Warfare', and your second as the one in the dead center. Tweak it a little bit, and you'll end up with a close replica.

Overall, it's a pretty simple thumbnail. But with the proper selection of colours, it feels very professional. Just make sure you clean up the bits and pieces of alignment, as well as consider my ??? advice.

{Analysis} : Lara Croft Temple of Osiris: In Hot Water - Part 6 - Game Mode

  • CON: Logo Is Hard To Read
  • CON: Episode Number Is In A Poor Position
  • ???: Different Background Image

The Lara Croft logo needs to have an outline, a glow, anything. The text is hard to read. (Especially with the T in Temple). The logo itself demands to be the center of attention, so it might not have been wise to put it at the bottom left. This is apparent because there's a huge difference between large and small text. Add an outline / glow, or re-position it.

The episode number is obstructed by the YouTube timer. Find a new spot to move it, and consider changing the colour to fit with the game's logo better.

Finally, I'd recommend you try changing out the background image. The one you have right now makes it seem like Lara Croft's head is being clipped off by the thumbnail. The image's creator did it to make Lara seem superior, but in your case it looks like she just lost 10% of her brain.

Overall, It COULD work, but I'm not a fan of it. Clipped heads, a difficult to read logo, and an obstructed episode number. I wouldn't recommend sticking with this.

{Analysis} : Super Mario 3D World: Conquering - Part 41 - Game Mode

  • PRO: Logo Is Just Right
  • CON: Episode Number Needs Outline / Manual Positioning
  • CON: Episode Number Obstructs Background Image

You font was designed NOT to be right aligned. This results in uneven spacing when you align it to the right. Needless to say, this is a bit of a nitpick, but also a little bit annoying. If you have time, consider counting pixels each time to make sure it doesn't have weird gaps after each thumbnail. Alongside this, make sure you add an outline to the episode number. Because everything in the thumbnail is 3D and contains vibrant colouring, you'll need an outline or it just sits there awkwardly.

The background image of Bowser holding the fairy closer to the camera is meant to have a viewer's eyes draw to said fairy. The text obstructs this image and makes it overall a bit awkward. It could also be debatable that the font doesn't fit the theme. Size it down and consider switching over to a Mario-themed font.

Overall, fiddle with the text alignment.

Thanks for sharing.

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