How to make commentary audio sound crystal clear?

Pretty much spot on. One thing I disagree with when these kinda posts come up is the use of words & phrases like ''should'' ''correct way'' and ''you're doing it wrong'' ... In this case:

vocal audio should be brought up to average around -6db

In the creative world, I don't believe there is a single proper way to do anything. You cannot possibly suggest a decibel range that can be applied to all when you don't fully understand the signal that is being processed and to understand that you have to understand the room, the equipment and the source, being the person speaking. I mean this isn't an argument, because in truth you aren't really wrong and a ball park figure is good but for others reading, understand that literately every voice is different. For example I carry a lot of lower tonal qualities and if I were to output my audio at -6db, you'd struggle to hear me, it's just the nature of my voice.

Do what works for you. Find your range. Other than that, good insightful comment.

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