Since we call out Sanji for this, what about Boa? She was attracted to luffy when he was 17

Also was a child sex slave. Like she's not immune to criticism but obviously people aren't going to criticize a character who had to go through that since the scars will make most people have horrible personalities. Like I'm sure no one condones Boa's awfulness and pervyness but we understand she's totally mentally fucked up from that kind of life so it's better to just ignore her issues.

With Sanji he also went through similar trauma I mean starving to death with no hope in sight of if you'll ever be rescued is slow agonizing torture; I hate how Oda writes him as post time skip nose bleed sex monster but Sanji underneath the gags was a really great character too with his own motivations and even sacrificed his own ambition to save his crew by marrying Pudding. Sanji is an amazing character with excess pervy gags thrown in it doesn't make him a bad person in fact he has amazing moral fortitude.

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