Since many people on the outside seem to misunderstand what the backlash is about, I made this chart to visualize the extent of the situation

That’s perspective I hadn’t considered, thanks for sharing it!

When you say “different stats system”, what kind of changes would you be hoping for? And is the desire to stop hacked Pokémon from being transferred because you feel that hacked Pokémon have some tangible advantage, or are you just fed up of the unfairness of hackers not having to put the effort in when you’re doing it right?

Personally, I feel like hacks are a reasonable price to pay for being able to use our old Pokémon. (I also think allowing cloning would be a small price to pay for save backups...) But maybe I’d feel differently if I was a competitive player or had to rely on other players for trading.

(Just as a side note, they can’t easily prevent hacked Pokémon on the Switch, even if there were no transfers and no exploits in SwSh, because the console itself has been hacked.)

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