Soft Kill - Canary Yellow [2022] Album

"Withholding money" means getting paid at the end of tour. For Justin that included two festival dates prior to the west coast run, which he was paid for three days after it ended. After the four fly dates he was paid everything he was owed minus a couple hundred bucks because someone (probably you) went on our IG and made this same claim after we cancelled Austin. He can just sell my pedals that are on his board if he hasn't already.

It's weird... his "really good friend" is still our booking agent after all the nefarious robbing of band mates and support bands. Use your head.

I will burn this whole goofy thing to the ground. I make music because I want to. I don't care what the scene thinks or if I ever play another show again. This past year has completely broken my spirit and it's humiliating to have to clear up nonsensical rumors on the internet just because Justin Wettstein is butt hurt.

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