OOP - My sister married my abuser. Now she's passed, my mother wants me to take in her 3 children.

sis knew where she was being kept and kept silent

Ohhh that type. Sad but not surprising. In that case, the sister already made her choice between that guy and OOP. She chose the guy.

So none of this is surprising really. I don't get why so many people in this thread assumed OOP's family loved her at all. It is really supposed to be that common? Well, this is an eye opener for me personally, I didn't realized how messed up my childhood was. Anyways, I'm certain that the sister lied to herself to feel better about it. Maybe thinking that there were nice parts of it, that maybe OOP enjoyed some of it, that the guy couldn't help himself, boys will be boys after all lol.

Whatever excuse is necessary for that sister to feel better and not have to face the fact that she left OOP there to rot.

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