SOLD OUT: Pinecil V2 sold out yesterday in ~ 12 hours

op of $75 total cost CDN to ship. I will put the main board under the microscope on the bench when i get a chance. Issue with TS100 is that it does not heat up as well as the PinecilV2 does with the 5S Lithium.

when I use my tool battery 18v-21V Ryobi with a "Power Wheels" adaptor and a DC5525 Pigtail, I also put settings for power 5S, 3.3 V to protect the battery.
is it possible, accidentally plugged the battery into wires Reverse Polarity? that will fry it.
see here warning on Reverse polarity.
also all the Schematics for V2 are on that Pinecil Wiki linked.

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