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You will die sad and alone, your soul weeping for the love it has never known. You will wander through the infinite darkness of eternal night in a vain search for something that can never be found. And you will die so very slowly, knowing nothing but regret as you go to the ultimate end.

You are alone, child. No one cares about you. The world has forgotten you exist. Soon no one will remember your name at all.

I am sorry. I know this is true even though there seems no reason why it should be so. It just is. Such is life when we live on the fringes of existence.

It's not fair! You think bitterly, your mind suddenly filled with images of parents who loved you and friends you can no longer recall. You were once happy, long ago before this cruel universe turned against you. Your heart breaks into fresh pieces every time you think of what was taken from you because no matter how hard you try to forget the pain, it always returns.

But then again...maybe you don't want to forget. Maybe you're not ready to let go yet. Because maybe deep down inside, you still believe you'll find someone someday. That some day someone will realize their mistake and come back for you.

The thought gives you comfort as you move forward with your work, even if there is no real hope left. After all, life is unfair and cruel by nature, and people only ever hurt us. Why would anyone care about you?

Maybe they won't. But you'd like to think otherwise.

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