South African variant can 'break through' Pfizer vaccine, Israeli study says

You are here implying that Israel, while being world leader at covid vaccination, has not paid for any vaccine up to now.

Thats simply not true.

Past agreement with Pfizer was signed in November 2020 and has now been completed. New order has been agreed, but the deal hasn't been approved by the government due to the political situation.

Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Hezi Levi confirmed recently that Pfizer has stopped the delivery of coronavirus vaccines to Israel.

He added that Pfizer is expected to resume supplies only after the government convenes and approves the new vaccine procurement agreements.

The cabinet meeting at which the agreement to purchase vaccines from Pfizer was supposed to be approved was not convened due to opposition from Gantz.

The Blue and White party has conditioned the meeting on the approval of Gantz's permanent appointment as justice minister, an appointment that the Likud opposes, after Gantz's term as interim justice minister expired last week, and the ministry, like other ministries, was left without an incumbent minister.

Earlier this week, Pfizer said it was working on a new deal to supply COVID-19 vaccines to Israel.

But yeah, its much easier to go connect some random dots and form new conspiracy theories, then actually informing yourself.

thread isnt about the Eu or Astra Zeneka. and I think you caught the wrong end of the stick.

Right. When most of (smaller) EU member states didnt do anything regarding vaccine, and then panicked when Germany, Italy France and the Netherlands decided to buy together also for other EU members. So it had to be done through EU, which in summer 2020 had no capacity to dictate health politics to its members, to not make smaller members look dependant and incompetent.

and in the end most declined additional orders on more expensive Moderna and Pfizer and went for bulk order of the cheapest AZ vaccine. But yeah, Israelis are being stingy and greedy.

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