Special Message Readings: I can do ONE, just one, for one lovely ConsulttheTarot member.

I'm not sure about a ritual... but my self-love planning, will be starting in 3 months when I graduate college and separating myself from my toxic family member who has such financial and emotional control over me, it's ridiculous.

I have this crazy opportunity, for an interview with a job, but my abuser is dragging his feet and I really hope this job will work out since I will finally be able to fully support myself without having to have him in my life at all.

I'm terrified that this is just going to be another one of those situations where he has absolute control over and forces me to pass up because it would mean me moving multiple states away and being happy (on my own) -- which he can't stand...

But to answer your question, when I'm on my own, I'm finally going to start to get help so that I can really make progress without having the stress of having him in my life.

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