*** Spoilers*** The Ink Black Heart - Mega Thread to discuss the Complete Book

Overall I enjoyed the book although I found it sort of a slog over troubled blood . I am still invested in Robin and Cormoran and their relationship development despite finding it frustrating as well . I think there are a lot of problematic aspects in the series even though I have tried to cut her some slack as she is churning these out and I do find them to be overall extremely engaging and enjoyable to read .

For me some of the problematic thematic elements though seem to be getting worse over the series .
I think it’s possible that she addresses or resolves some of my main concerns over the course of the series but I came here to acknowledge them as I found them to be sufficiently bothersome to get some other feedback on potentially .

  1. A generally sexist and gender biased mindset in her representation . I get that she has tried to address this by having Robin overcome anxiety and be brave
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