AITA For Telling My Wife to Rehome Her Dog?

I bought a carpet cleaner for the accidents when she’s out. But she will sling pee and poop everywhere when she’s in her crate. I take her on 45 minute to 1 hour long walks and she won’t go and as soon as she’s back in her crate she does. And nobody will clean it up but me. It’s poop clean cage bathe dog daily. I have a life beyond this. My wife wanted fish and I took care of those because she didn’t and it’s exactly why I didn’t want a dog. I could barely keep fish alive. I know I don’t have the time commitment for a dog so I made her promise that she’d take care of it and she doesn’t. It just makes me so upset that I’m being villainized for not wanting to do this. I don’t have little kids and wouldn’t have them because I don’t want to clean up after them.

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