Still recovering on T4 alone - but it's going so slow. Anyone with similar experiences?

I'm so of in the same boat. TSH around 6 when I started 2.5 months ago on Synthroid. My fatigue and energy levels picked up pretty quickly but the brain fog, cold extremities and insomnia are still there for the time being. How long did it take you to feel much improvement? I have two friends my age (late twenties) with hashis. One is pretty much 100% and said it happened around the 4-5 month mark. The other has been recovering pretty slowly like you for the last two years, i.e. feeling good but not quite there yet. I learned that I also have some distant family members with it but they said they feel pretty well normal now and it took them "a few months".

From reading peoples' accounts it seems to vary wildly from person to person. From what I've seen 3 months seems to be the sweet spot and a bunch of lucky folks feel better in a matter of 6-8 weeks.

I too have considered giving up in Synthroid and switching to Armour to speed up the process with the added T3, but like you, would also like to stick with Synthroid if it is going to work based purely on it's convenience. One pill a day with regular blood tests seems a hell of a lot more simple than splitting doses and jumping levels.

I don't have much advice unfortunately other than anecdotes. If I were in your position, I'd probably give armour a try based simply on the length of time it is taking or perhaps try reducing the T4 and adding some cytomel to see if it helps. Two years would probably drive me nuts. Coming up on 3 months is already driving me a bit batty. Best of luck!

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