Thankful I’m not a podcaster

This is the only place dedicated to CJ that allows criticism of CJ. Many people came here from other places where they were insulted, told to leave, and downvoted for expressing critcism no matter how respectful and constructive. People come here to vent / express frustrations and annoyances with certain aspects of the show.

I feel like you’re giving CJ the good edit because to fair you’d have to consider their faults. There are many legitimate concerns here including plagiarism, of unethical True Crime, of not adhering to the stated purpose of the podcast, of feeling cheated for not receiving the product patrons were promised and paid for…

We are capable of giving credit where it is due and we often do. We listen, contrary to your assessment, because we care. We care that victims are represented fairly and with respect. We care about them continuing to meet the standard they set.

What frequent criticisms should tell you is that people are constantly listening. This engagement and participation leads to and ensures their continued success.

We reward them by choosing them above other podcast and giving them our time each week... For years. We are more than entitled to criticize a product we have invested in and that we have and continue to contribute to making.

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