Tiana went live when Dennis said he was going to take legal action against her. This is a new low for Dennis I’m seriously shocked he’s coming for her just for sharing her experience

It's a little exaggerated to say he was going to take legal action against.

He said it's a legal matter which might just mean he's trying to minimize his own liability.

I don't think it ever actually said he was going to fire a lawsuit unless I missed that part. Pretty sure he just said " It's a legal matter. " technically speaking that's true.

Is he really did deprive her of water and food and lodging she could file for unemployment despite leaving on her own accord because it was an unsafe work environment. She could sue him for unfair labor practices.

So technically speaking when he says it's illegal matter, he could be talking about minimizing liability.

If you specifically said he's going to sue her and I missed it, just point to the section of the podcast where he says that

Either way, under the most charitable interpretation of what happened at the very least he drove without our license and forced her to put her credit card down and then still did off-road driving.

But it does sound like they did stop at gas stations and food places several times that day, so the food thing might have been exaggerated a little bit..

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