How did you discover that you were ADHD?

My mom and I were chatting and she just casually mentions how offended she was when my middle school consular straight up told her I needed meds. Looked up the symptoms and got a little too relatable. I dragged my feet for years until I got a second write up at my previous job that was the symptom list verbatim.

Idk how its changed since Im only 25 but atm I hear way too much about people faking online, people asking someone with adhd to sell them Adderall or straight up stealing from them, or people faking it to get their own scripts. Ive also heard about the generally negative perceptions it has (my mom cant deny it anymore but if I ever mention how me doing X is a symptom, "thats just an excuse") I dont tell no one nothing. I just posted a few hours ago about how Straterra is going and since it helps enough, I just march on in silence. I dont think meds are about keeping us in line, Id be unemployed and possibly homeless without it.

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