Have you told family or close friends about your SDAM?

Thank you for your compassionate response re: the love I feel for my husband. I had been struggling with trying to make sense of why I was so okay so fast and before landing on SDAM it was hard to make sense of it without some sort of pathologizing of myself. So as of today I am feeling much better on that score. I really appreciate that you were thinking of me!!

I am delighted that you want to be part of a group!!! I asked one other woman who's online name (not sure the proper term) is LauraIngalls.... as I really resonated with her languaging and attitude. I just asked her about it tonight so have not yet gotten a reply. Based upon your reading of the posts is there anyone that stands out that you would like to invite? I would like to start with just four of us so that it is really small and we have time to talk without feeling rushed and can create a really safe place to open up about this incredibly difficult dynamic.

I cannot figure out whether this response is going to be public or private so don't want to give my email out as it might go out to all 3.4k members. How can we connect so we can email outside of this forum (I am assuming you might be more tech savvy than me as most people are!)?

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