Mine [Episodes 7 & 8]

holy shit just when you thought the episode would be slowly teasing with the secrets, it slaps you with the truth early! and wonder how is it gonna unravel from there on - kudos!

>!the part where ji yong said to the old lady - "if you were my real mother, i would not have turned out this way." which is why i believe he chose to bring his first wife in to nurture his son because ji yong probably blamed his lousy behaviour on the lack of a real mother. OUCH.

also - for a moment i thought that dumbass jin-ho guessed and was gonna confront mother emma for being kim min ja, overestimated him lol

also - the last scene of hi-soo scooping the blood back towards her broke me, it was so emotional because everyone knew that the baby was probably gone.!<

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