Took about 100 hours but I found this lil gem of an exotic

I know these aren't exact coordinates, but I can garentee that this ship came from one of these systems.

MOPFE:0923:0081:0C72:0197 ACEN:0925:0081:0C73:000C GUHSI:0923:0081:0C71:001C DIWO:0923:0081:0C6F:00E1 JUBI:0925:0081:0C73:006E

This is the best I can do for now. Each system is T3 Vy'keen. I know that as soon as I found this ship I teleported back home, so the galaxy map 'visited' lines end at these several places. I recognize all of the ship spawns in each system after sitting at each for hours. If you are really on the hunt for this ship here's a challenge. Sorry for not checking the coordinates as soon as I got the ship. I didn't know this sub reddit existed until afterwards.

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