Trisomy 18 D&E and getting Pregnant again?

I didn’t have a D&C but my son was stillborn at 27 weeks and my period returned about a month later. My OB told us to hold off on trying until my betas were back to zero, honestly I didn’t understand why and was so desperate at the time I ignored her advise, not something I would recommend to anyone. I started using OPK’s and temping the following cycle, again I probably should have waited longer but I was confirming ovulation. Ultimately it took me a year to get pregnant this time, the first time I was a one cycle unicorn. Our bodies are extremely resilient following loss but it’s impossible to predict how much time it will take to get pregnant. If your doctor has cleared you and you’re mentally ready, go for it. and if you need to take more time to prepare mentally there is nothing wrong with that. Even though I started trying again immediately it’s kind of a blessing in disguise that it took longer than I expected because it gave me a lot more time to focus on my mental health.

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