Tsukuyomi Zero

[This deck is for Wanderer format!]

I decided to post my (work-in-progress) deck I've been working on for our local: my Zero deck. The reason why I call it "Tsukuyomi Zero" is that it uses Light/Dark/Wind/Moon colors, and the latter is especially important for a few cards in the deck.

Since it is a Wanderer deck, there are many fast aggro decks there that needs to be stopped if you want to successfully run a control/prison deck. Zero's Magic Light is actually really useful (especially if you go second), as it can easily stop those one-turn rushes with Cthugha and other fast stuff.

The main goal is to outplay them by canceling their most important cards (usually the ones giving them resources), and slowly Judgmenting to Zero while you have the Familiar AND Tsukuyomi on the field. In this case, their monsters will almost always be vanillas that you can easily deal with now.

However, because of the deck's nature, there are a few bad match-ups that can cause problems, and these are Beasts (and Four Sacred Beasts). Not only those monsters are huge on their own, but they can also spam the field so much that you have to deal with not only their quality, but their quantity either.

As the deck is still unfinished, it is more than welcomed for me if you share your opinion about it here or in TappedOut. Also, you can modify the deck by changing a few cards, as there are resonators that fits perfectly the deck like Glorius.

Also, keep it in mind that I fine-tuned the deck for our local, where Cthulhus (Lunyarla and Yog, separately), Beasts (Crimson and Pricia) and Luminaries (both Mars and Mercurius) are the most important decks. If your own local differs, there is a high chance that you may find some of the cards useless against those decks.

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