Tumblr's hate on white people is getting out of hand and it annoys me as a "POC"

And also, it's the way how the people react to when there is a shooter on the news. Like if a black person is a shooter, some people would blame black people. If an Arab person is a shooter, some people would blame Islam whether that Arab person is a Muslim or not. If a white person is a shooter, most people would blame that person and not white people. I just wish that people would blame on that shooter regardless of skin color and not a group of people based on their skin color. Just a few examples I could give for now why I believe white privilege exists in USA.

In my experience the news/media tend to generalize white people and males themselves (well, left wing media at least), since it is not seen as taboo to do so. For example, I remember seeing a clip a while ago from some news thing over the killings of Elliot Rodgers, a half Chinese half Jewish man, and school shootings, and took the time to mention how our society has a problem with white males shooting up schools (I've heard when you account for population percentage [there's a lot more white people, so there should be a lot more white shooters] it is actually about the same, but besides that just bringing up white people is strange). A better example though, though it's actually from Britain, was people were talking about rape and problems around it, and one guy said that there were rape gangs of mostly Muslim origin (he was being very reasonable about it, pretty sure he clarified that it wasn't the religion itself causing it, I think he actually mentioned that police not investigating for fear of being called racist was allowing it to become rampant, like the Rotherham rape scandal for example, and he wasn't even saying it was Muslims who rape, he was just saying that the organized rape gangs were mostly Muslim) and the crowd booed, to which the Asian girl said no it's mostly by whites to which the crowd cheered. Video with someone's commentary if you're interested, it's a few minutes in: http://youtu.be/OB6zMIrIx-g?t=9m23s

As for non-media stuff, I've spent most of my life in non-white neighborhoods and they definitely do blame all white people when a white person does something dumb especially if it affects their race or something related to them. And for things that happened in the past as well. People were always extra hateful to me after we learned in school about some shitty thing white people did in the past. My experience living in a white community is very limited but I feel it is probably about the same (people of all races like to generalize is what I'm saying) unless you are living in a SJW populated community (which would most likely be middle class white neighborhoods and colleges) in which people would generalize whites because the SJW mentality is very anti-white. I don't think there are any large anti-(own race) ideologies among non-whites, I mean you don't see black people seeing a black person do something stupid and be like "Man, black people are so dumb!" but you see white people (SJW) see a white person do something dumb and then they say that.
Do people not generalize people when something happens where you live? Maybe the U.S. is just a bad place for race issues.

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