He posts dumb shit like this a lot. I only read maybe half but i know it belongs here.

"because i don't buy into their bullshit disinformation. “women are still paid less than men” this statistic was formed based on all women averaged together and all men averaged together. which basically means they didn't do a job to job comparison and its void. forgive me for not having the source"

i'm also for mens rights. i know, i know, i'm satan, the white middle class man! (ha jokes on you i'm native american as well, but thats a whoooooooole other argument)

because i have a pompadour and 50’s reminiscent hair, tattoos, and dress a certain way. ive heard it all from fucking feminists. seriously. im sure my pomp idolizes men who enforced the patriarchy or some dumb shit. my pants are too tight and force women to look at my penis or whatever ridiculous arguments that could be made.

because i say cunt. enough said. disregard the fact i've said fuck a million times in this already and constantly cuss and love all the vagrant vulgarities (for my friends, vagrant vulgarities if not already, would make an awesome band name) can put into anything.

because i'm a fucking gentleman. i was raised this way. nothing pisses me off more than seeing a 80 lb girl pushing shopping carts at a fucking grocery store.

i enjoy porn. im going to keep this simple but apparently its objectifying women or something. i encourage you feminists to take up porn and masturbation, the stress relief would do you good

because i'm a sexual being and open about it. yeah, i like sex. so do you, dont fucking lie about it feminists. just because i have consensual sex in any form of vanilla to kinky when i feel like it doesn't make me a pig or an asshole. it makes me human.

i've been taken advantage of by 4 women in 6 years while i said no repeatedly, and if a girl says shes even uncomfortable i stop. but nope, im going to rape everyone i meet according to them. i should only speak when spoken to, follow never lead. yeah fuck you, psycho

conclusion. i love women, i really do"

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