Under what circumstances would the Canadian border close?

It's just curiosity for me, mainly. I don't like making plans and not having general knowledge about what will happen. For other people though, maybe it would directly affect them if the border closed unexpectedly. 32,000 people cross the Peace Arch border crossing per day. For myself, I don't need to know, I just want to know. Given my current life plans, there's a small chance I need to know.

I've been considering the idea of attempting to immigrate to Canada by studying there, working there, and/or getting married there. I still don't know my odds of success or the timeline if I did succeed. That uncertainty makes me uncertain how much time and money to put into buying expensive prepping supplies, a piece of land, camping trips to bug-out locations in the middle of nowhere in Washington's mountains, or in general on making elaborate contingency plans based on the assumption I'm living in Washington close to the border. Part of me thinks I should, right now, spend a thousand on stockpiling food in the middle of nowhere in WA or Idaho. The irrational side of me says it would be sad if I moved and did all that work for nothing because maybe I can't take it with me. The remote possibility that I could still cross the border even in an emergency helps my irrational side believe maybe all my preps in the US would still have some value even if I was in BC.

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