Unscheduled Event: Treasure Curses!

Curse, persistent

When the target drinks 1 or more litres of this beer in 3 days, they must make a dc 15 wis save. If they fail, all other liquids that are not beer from the cask taste like vomit for 3 weeks, and the beer does not taste very good either. If the target drinks anything that is not the beer for the three weeks, they must make a dc 10 con save or not drink it. The target also has disadvantage on saves to not get addicted to the beer during these weeks. The target cannot be affected by the curse more than once at the same time.

Lore: this was a test created by a order of paladins to test their ability to resist against carnal urges, such as drink. The punishment was severe, but most learnt a important lesson about conserving themselves.

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