Upcoming balance changes to BG. Khadgar/Brann nerf, Junkbot to tier 4!

Khadgar is not right for BG. In regular play it's much harder to have a full board but in BG you have a full board by the time you find Khadgar and with his stats he usually dies before you have the board space for his effect. This leaves us with the strategy of using him to triple tokens. The problem is that it's completely counter the design decision to have incredibly long and laggy animations.

It also feeds into an inherent flaw in BG. The cards you find before you find your scaling engines are usually worthless. They are placeholders until you find that 5 or 6 drop you can make a build around. This has shifted the meta into fast leveling past the early turns where you don't take much damage anyways. The 8/9 gold triple is far too important as is the discovery offered. This in turn feeds into the damage problem that is sometimes prevalent.

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