You wake up tomorrow morning and see the Russian flag waving outside your window as soldiers with AK-47's storm about. What do you do?

Such perception comes from the fact that this situation is going for a year now and thus people asking such basic questions seem out of place and tend to be assumed malicious.

This, again, is not the open mind I was expecting from the European community - and I do appreciate your proper answer to my curiosity. People come too quickly to the conclusions, which doesn't fit with how we around the world are taught of the Europe's general thinking. Don't tell me about the nature of the Internet, either: it can't make you a worse person if you don't want it to.

I am out of the loop many times on many topic, including Kim Kardashian's ass and various YouTube-originating memes. I consider those topic not important and, many times, informational garbage to be thrown away immediately. Yet the Ukrainian conflict I am attracted to, as I hope that the fine people of the Ukraine - no worse than any Russian or any American - will find peace and have their suffering seized as soon as possible. I don't believe that me not going straight forward for the latest news on any subject ought to bound me to the spire of trolling.

As for the own research you encourage me to take on - I shall be honest: there's no one source of information I trust completely besides the separatist countries (the Donetsk Republic and the Lugansk Republic), who seem like they have little reason and no intention to lie about the happening. They, however, show only the inside of the events - the politics and the war in particular - and solely from their side. I'm looking for a broader insight, as to see the general flow of things.

I assumed that, by now, there would be some compilation or account of the facts, even if somewhat outdated, about the Ukrainian conflict. If you know of any, I'd ask you to let me know of those: I don't have the right insight to understand many of the events, yet I feel like I owe it to myself to understand what's going on.

Have you considered plunging into the Russian-language information resources? I have to assume that, despite your fondness of Russia, you don't speak the language, so my suggestion would be for somebody who does to translate it to you, even if it's a condensed version. You can only learn so much from the one side, yet I must admit - the terrible political course the news take on after the war broke on (encouraging patriotism against the evil West, in partucular), coupled with a few critical thoughts on the whole subject, made me think very differently about the Russian news sources.

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