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Title: I dont have a title yet this is a work in progress Genre: Sci-Fi/Comedy Word Count: Im not sure, i typed this up on my phone in notes lol Feedback: Constructive Criticism, any type of feedback really.

My name is Jacob Johnson I’m 16 and I am immortal. Crazy right? I wasn’t always like this. I used to be a normal dude just like you, until one particular sunny day in August. The day started like any other. I waited for the bus with my three friends Austin, Sam and Nathan. We all talked about normal 16 year old kid stuff, girls, parties, sex, y’kno the usual. The bus was late and arrived at 7:45 and it usually came at 6:30 but we didn’t notice because we were all too immersed in our conversations we were having. When we got to school it was already 9:00 so I had to go get a tardy slip from the office before I went to class. My teacher berated me for being late to class which made me mad because it wasn’t even my fault that I was late. I tried telling her that the bus was late getting to the bus stop but she wouldn’t listen to me. I muttered “bitch” under my breath while walking to my seat. Somehow she heard me and sent me straight to the principals office. I was given a warning and was told if I get one more warning I will get expelled. “Bite me” I said. I was then given after school detention and sent back to class. I walked back into class and told my friends how much of a dick the principal is.

After school and detention my friends and I went to a park. It was really cloudy outside and it looked like it was about to storm but it didn’t matter to us. We walked around a bit until we found an abandoned factory. It was all run down and had tons of graffiti and broken windows. We decided to explore the property and break some windows until we got bored. 30 minutes into exploring Nathan pulled the three of us to the side and whispered something to us, something that would ultimately change my life forever. I didn’t know that yet though. He told us that he found an experimental drug off the deep web. He said “its like DMT and LSD had a baby and made this”. At first we thought he was bullshitting us until he pulled out a small plastic ziplock bag out of his backpack. In the plastic bag held a small circular pill with a smiley face on it. “It’s probably fake” Sam said. “It’s not!” Nathan interjected. He went on about how this one guy took it and it changed his life forever. We all sat there for 15 minutes hesitating on who should take it. Austin didn’t want to take it because he has severe anxiety and didn’t want to have a bad trip, Sam didn’t want to take it because he didn’t want to be a human guinea pig, and Nathan didn’t want to take it because he isnt sure what the effects of the drug will be. “Screw it. I’ll take the pill” I proposed. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to” Nathan interjected. I assured him I was alright with it and popped the pill in my mouth then swallowed it.

30 minutes passed, no effect. Then an hour, still nothing. 2 hours later and I still felt nothing. I told Nathan he got scammed which led to us all laughing at him. He made up a ton of excuses like how it probably takes a longer amount of time to take effect or how mabye i am feeling it and just dont realize it. I rolled my eyes and stood up from the wooden box i was sitting on. I taunted Nathan for how stupid he was for falling for a scam on the dark web. I started walking towards the entrance of the building until I saw a bright white light and felt an intense burning sensation. My ears were ringing and I couldn’t move a muscle, I didn’t know what had happened. My mind was racing and so was my heart. Was this the drug taking effect? Am I tripping? Am I dead? Whats happening right now? Then suddenly, silence. I was no longer thinking or doing anything for that matter, until I slowly started hearing something. I could hear a beeping noise and people talking but I couldn’t quite make out the words. Suddenly I could feel again and hear things clearly, and once that happened I opened my eyes. I noticed I was in a hospital room connected to wires and I had a mask on. I groaned which caught the attention of the nurse. She told me not to move and walked outside the room. I looked around the room and noticed a whiteboard with my name, the date, and the nurse caring for me on it. I looked at the date and noticed it was November. The nurse came back in with a doctor and two other nurses. “What happened?” I stuttered. “You were struck by a bolt of lightning, everything’s gonna be alright”. I was shocked, no pun intended. “Was I in a coma?” I asked hesitantly. “Yes, for about 3 years” the doctor answered abruptly. Now I was in complete shock, in denial even. The heart rate monitor beated faster as my heart rate increased. I passed out from shock and woke up in the same hospital bed with my parents standing above me, looking right at me. My mom started crying tears of joy and put her head in my dads chest. “Hello son” my dad said. “ D-Dad?, Is that you?” I asked in a groggy tone of voice. My mom was so emotional that she could barely get any words out. “Were really happy to see you again bud” he said whilst giving me the tv remote. “Your mother and I are going to fill out the release forms, while were doing that feel free to relax and watch some tv”. I nodded and watched as they both walked out. “Holy shit” i muttered.

I turned the tv on to the news to catch up on world events. Apparently all the bees are dead now so they are replacing them with robotic bees, and they plan on launching the first human to mars next month. That sucked about the bees but robot bees sound pretty cool. Suddenly I remembered my friends and wanted to contact them but I couldn’t contact them because I didn’t have my phone. I hit the call nurse button on my bed which sent a nurse straight to my room in less than a minute. I asked her if she knew where my phone was but she had no clue. I then asked her if she could ask my parents if they have it which she happily agreed to do.

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