Weekly Discussion Megathread - March 21, 2021 (GMT+0)

Guys, are you tired of scrolling twitter and CoinMarketCal or projects webpages for news which will make you quick profit and chance to catch the candles before others? I was like that. That 's why i created complex BOT which looks 24/7 for all newses about crypto curriences and posts the most important newses ( NFT, defi, mainnet etc) on Telegram app. This way you always get the newses from various sources and don't need to search all day and night for them. I am looking now for people wchich wants to test my program and leave feedback. The only thing you need to do is join Telegram group where tests are made by me. I will provide link ( don't know if i don't brake some regulations on reddit so i will wait for some interest and then add link).
Belowe you can see some drafts how it works(I consider to add link to original post or screen of news):

I think its proper place to advertise this tool as it will help a lot to catch moonshot before others with minimal effort.

u/edit I can't add screenshots here so i will provide them in link :D Two versions of news posts

Vote UP if You like this idea :D

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