Weekly venting thread Thursday November 05, 2020

I'm striving for stability and forcing myself through daily tasks, but after spending so long in constant relentless badweird my energy and resilience is gone.

I guess this is the point at which dealing with extended stress makes you less able to cope with it. And even outside the pandemic things have been brutal. Adrenaline glands squeezed dry. I feel like a drained battery and am constantly napping.

I'm also consistently overfeeding my cat because I feel guilty about not letting her graze on dry food and she convinces me she's starving. Will begin weighing it out and addressing the chonk when her mouth is healed enough for crunch.

I've also been too generous with pain relief (safe medication and dose but wasteful) because I can't bear the thought of her being uncomfortable. Hoping there's no ill effects from quickly reducing the dose D:

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