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RL Grime has lead an electronic music revolution the past few years. He has helped shape instrumental hip-hop into an ever-growing genre in its own. He has one of the head figures behind the trap movement and he has worked with EDM producers and hip-hop artists alike. He is respected by many and has chipped in all throughout the music industry. His fame brought rise to hundreds of artists that are inspired by him. Side projects and alter-egos, hip-hop artists and rap producers, R&B and big room, RL has dipped his toes in far ends of the spectrum ans has come out unscathed. His influence on the electronic music industry and hip-hop has helped cultured our world of pop music and steered it in our direction. Artists as big as Katy Perry and Justin Bieber use songs with heavy trap influences to help market their brand, and RL Grime is partially responsible for this. He exceeds the efforts of more popular artists like Flosstradamus and Diplo because RL Grime brings a certain creative ingenuity to the industry and makes songs for himself more than for the people. He is a prophet for lovers of trap music and he is a role model for producers ranging from EDM to hip-hop to R&B. He has helped to blend the lines between pop-culture and trap music. Working with artists like Young Thug, What So Not, Djemba Djemba, Salva, Baauer, and many more, RL Grime has stamped his ideals into the industry when it was just a blooming flower. Now he is one of the most respected DJ's in this part of the world and his music, whether you like it or not, has helped influence many of the artists you love today. Starting off with songs like Satisfaction and Love Sosa, RL began his revolution, his revolution against dubstep. He was able to create something out of the now, and his progress as a producer correlates with the success and publicity of this newly founded genre of electronic trap. It's understandable for people to find him overrated, but it's undeniable to say that he hasn't in some way had an influence on your music listening experience. He introduces fans and followers to the world of trap from far and wide and it pushes the boundaries with every step he takes. RL Grime isn't just the king of trap, he is the creative influence behind it. So take the time today and actually listen to all of the songs posted on the front page. Take a minute to pay your respects to great man and a creative mind, because without him, who knows what subreddit we would be posting in today.

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