What are some things we characterize as a father?

Here are some characteristics or associations commonly attributed to fathers:
Provider: Fathers are often seen as the breadwinners or the ones who provide for the family.

Protector: Fathers are expected to protect their family from harm or danger.

Authority figure: Fathers are often seen as the head of the household, the disciplinarian, or the one who sets the rules.

Mentor: Fathers are often looked up to as role models, providing guidance, advice, and support.

Strong: Fathers are expected to be physically and emotionally strong, especially in times of crisis.

Wise: Fathers are often seen as having wisdom or experience that they can share with their children.

Supportive: Fathers can be supportive in various ways, such as emotionally, financially, or with practical help.

Loving: Fathers are expected to show love and affection towards their family, especially their children.

Involved: Fathers who are actively involved in their children's lives, whether it be in their education, hobbies, or social life, are often seen as positive role models.

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