What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, March 18, 2020

Information from a good nursing friend at a hospital in Arizona.

Yeah, I am on the designated covid floor at my hospital. I am working about 14 hours, which isn't too bad. They're asking us to stay later. We get every single covid patient aside from the ICU. We had one patient on Sunday and now we have 10 this morning. The CDC numbers unfortunately don't represent what is actually happening, but I don't expect them to yet. So far, we haven't gotten any tests confirmed positive yet because they take about 4+ days since we're still sending majority out to California to test. We're trying to see if we can send them to local labs but we haven't been able to yet... We are getting enough patients now to test all those symptomatic. But, we have no supplies which is terrible. Which is also why I'm sure I'll get this :( Our hospital looks like it's in a 3rd world country. We have to reuse face masks for all our covid patients and wipe off in between each pt per shift. And we only get one N95 mask which we need if they're getting breathing treatments or they're coding or they're on high flow oxygen. It's a legit mad house in the hospital. One of our infectious disease doctors was furious about the fact we have to keep our face masks all shift. He said after 12 hours, the material breaks down so much that we are just exposing ourselves and breathing in everything after 12 hours of using it. So I've been trying to sneak in two masks during shift and alternating if I can.

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