What do you think is the biggest blocker to adoptions of RPA in your field?

I build RPAs for our clients. It's either that the client has no idea what the SOP is for their processes and therefore can't help us, or they are told by one of their superiors to ignore and block us because we are trying to automate them out of a job.

If I figure out the SOP they then say that they need to run it by their team and then they never get back to me.

Or they end up fighting amongst themselves over various aspects of the RPA like is it reliable, or is it secure.

One of the most frustrating is goal post movers. They think their job is incredibly specialized and that no one can replace them, especially not an RPA. These are frequently DBA types. They will give you an SOP, but it's usually brief, and intentionally incomplete, and they use industry specific language to both confuse you and appear smarter. This isn't a big deal because most IT processes are easy, so I just go figure it out, but these types love to see your RPA (or your POC) and then just keep adding more and more to the requirements for the RPA in an attempt to prove your uselessness and their infinite wisdom. They also love to go to their bosses and point out your failures.

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