What people in r/baseball think Manny did..

Underlying prejudice needs to be defined. Do I have prejudices? Yes, sure. Maybe because I'm white I don't like showboating. My culture dictates that I celebrate a good play internally with respect to my opponents. I am allowed to not like showboating for this reason.

Is it racism to dislike showboating because I prefer to celebrate my good plays internally in a way I feel does not disrespect my opponent? It has nothing to do with Puig being black.

Disliking another culture norm that differs from your own preferred culture norms doesn't make you a racist. To dislike something and be vocal about it doesn't make you a racist. Racism is to deny someone an opportunity because of their skin color.

The big problem I have is that lately, the definitions of discrimination and racism are being re-written to include any attitude that does not immediately accept, gratify, and praise every aspect of a person that is different from self.

I'm allowed to dislike aspects of other cultures different than my own. That doesn't make me a racist.

All of that said, this is all just an example. I literally don't care at all if Puig showboats, or if Manny wants to wear his uniform differently. More power to both of them. But if someone else doesn't like those things, that doesn't make them a racist, it just means they prefer their own culture norms. I actually wish we could get some non-whitewashed black and hispanic men and women as broadcasters, because Smoltz and Buck are the same boring flavor of announcer. I would love to hear some ethnic and cultural minority broadcasters have success.

To each his own.

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