[GDT] 8/26/17 Bullpen Flexing Day

1) I'm not sure how well Chicken Strip and the Nuggets will pitch today, but I DO know that we're 91-36 and it doesn't matter. By the way, Ross said there were other "Strip"-related nicknames that he considered, but they weren't appropriate. Which names do you think he had in mind?

2) I think we will score 4-5 runs. Whether that will be enough to win is up to the fickle favor of the Baseball Gods.

3) I expected this to be a good team -- maybe 95-96 wins. I didn't expect success to the degree guys like Belly and CT3 and Wood have had, but then again I didn't expect Joc would bottom out or Forsythe would struggle as much as he did, especially early this season.

4) There are various chores that I get a lot of satisfaction from finishing that I don't tell my fiancée about because I want the relationship capital I receive from doing them.

5) My then-girlfriend had a custom t-shirt made for me that says "Drink Like A Champion Today."

Chicken Strips and beer on the menu for the meetup. Go Dodgers!

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