What Reimu Feels. (Short Comic)

Mudkiper: “Suwako, you’d have a chance if you didn’t look like a child. Horny frogs aren’t my thing.”

Suwako: “What? You mean you don’t like my sexy body?”

Suwako makes a seductive pose. Mudkiper pretends to vomit.

Suwako: “Come on! I’m not that bad, am I?”

Mudkiper whispers something to his Reimu. Both seem to agree on something.

Mudkiper: “Okay, you know what? I’ll make a deal with you. Listen carefully.”

Suwako: “I’m all ears!”

Mudkiper: “I want you to stay here, in this shrine, for one whole week, starting tomorrow. If you can go the whole entire week without making any kind of lewd actions towards me including dialogue, you, my Reimu and I will have one night of sex. Reimu has to be with us before we go at it, no exceptions. Do we have a deal?”

Mudkiper extends his hand, which Suwako shakes.

Suwako: “Deal!”

Satori: “Now here’s the real challenge, can the Horny Frog resist the natural charms of the majestic stallion that is Alex?”

Mudkiper: “One, what charm? And two, don’t call me that.”

Flandre: “We’re all witnesses, so it’s official. And you know what? This still isn’t the weirdest deal you’ve ever made!”

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