What is your salary? What do you do?

I love this question, salary transparency is so important!

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, 9 YOE split between cyber and software engineering. 150k base, plus performance bonus and RSUs so TC~230k. I live in a HCOL city but my salary is tied to a remote salary band which is technically matched to a MCOL.

Kind of crazy to me as this was the first year in my career I actually had RSUs/stock vest and it makes a huge difference. I am also in a sort of grey area where I have an unofficial offer with a FAANG for 300-330k TC which I keep doing a double take at. My first job out of college was 60k with no bonus or stocks at a government contractor, my biggest raises have come from switching companies, promotions, or getting stock options as part of the total compensation package.

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