Whatever happened with Chanyeol’s scandal?

I’ve always tried to be as neutral as possible in this case. Honestly, we just have to wait for the results of the law suit and hopefully find out more about it.

Neither the blind defending nor those saying he’s definitely guilty convince me. Both sides claim things as proof but IMO nothing is proven. Both sides act like their assumptions are facts.

Some things are still vague, e.g. who is getting sued - some say the updated naver articles clearly state it’s the op who spread the pics, others refer to dispatch and reactions on pannchoa stating otherwise (I wouldn’t take pann as a credible source though lol).

I tend to believe that this drama was fabricated or maybe blown out of proportion (e.g. certain aspects might be true) but again I don’t know so I’m waiting for the hard facts.

All we know is that the law suit is ongoing so I’ll wait and see.

That being said - while I understand why Chanyeol is being brought up in Lucas’ controversy i think people should separate the cases. The nature of the case is similar but everything else is playing out quite differently.

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