22F (mostly) homeschooled only child that had zero contact with other kids until 4th grade. AMA.

  • I was a super outgoing and social kid with adults. I just had no idea how to interact with kids once I got to school because I had never done it before. I’m pretty reserved and untrusting, most people I know remain acquaintances, though I do have my close circle.

  • I found it surprisingly easy to initially get into a healthy relationship. A year ago I married the guy I started dating at 14. I think a lot of that was influenced by me being surrounded by unhealthy relationships my whole life so I knew exactly what not to do and I had no desire to get myself in the same situation as my dad or his parents.

  • Never wanted to go to college, I always knew what I wanted to do and I already had a foot in the door because it’s the same thing my dad does and it doesn’t require a degree.

  • I made my first friends at 14, so I started being a little more social, though I was homeschooled again at this point. It was the most “normal” life I ever had - boyfriend, living in a small town, getting into trouble. Loads of therapy too - weekly (sometimes more) psychiatrist and weekly family and individual therapy.

  • nearly obsessed with the internet as a teen. I was your classic internet troll back then too. For the sexual stuff, my dad was pretty open but age appropriate and always managed to be one step ahead, but that’s also a really complicated topic for my specific situation. Most of the misleading and unhelpful things I heard were at school though and not from the internet.

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