3.15 be like PepeLaugh

I love chaos skills and ED/C and Bane is really fun to play, but their damage is already very low and in SSFHC environment they require quite a bit of gear to feel good in T14-T16 maps. Now take away 20-40% of damage and make more defense a requirement because flask immunities are basically gone and flasks are nerfed in their effect. This will hurt these builds, which are already struggling with end game content. I hope I am wrong, but from realistic point of view, it just relegates those builds to T12 ish content as their ceiling and T14-T16 is only gonna work in trade or after a large time investment in SSFHC, which I don't have the time for and I want to play the end game, so the builds that I enjoy are probably just dead to me.

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