3rd real fade

One of the most important things when starting is to TAKE YOUR TIME. Some people first starting out take 2-3 hours on a haircut. Remember it’s not about getting them off the chair, it’s about you learning and figuring it all out so don’t worry about how long you’re taking. YouTube videos go a long way as well in helping you to understand certain steps. I would like to see more photos of future haircuts and see your progress. You gotta remember we all started somewhere and with barbering it takes time. Once you understand the fundamentals of how to smooth out your guidelines it can only get easier. Just remember all barbers are still learning, there’s not a point where you say ok I’m the best, I know it all. Keep doing what you’re doing & remember it takes time. Another quick tip, if you think for example you should use a number 1, use 1 and a half or number 2, you can always cut hair, but not bring it back, and if you still need to bring it down more, slowly do so, and keep in mind what works and what doesn’t & over time it’ll hopefully become second nature of what numbers to use and when to use them.

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