If we got this wrap for how broken this season started, just imagine what we will get for how horrible this update has been...

To everyone coming into this thread to comment the same stuff over and over again: I have already listed out my issues in multiple comments. Please read them before commenting, I will happily address new concerns but I am tired of responding to the same stuff over and over again.

I have zero issues with everything they intended to add, so I am sorry my post wasn't clear in that regard. I thought the fact that the wrap was given out for how buggy it was would give enough context that I am only talking about bugs not actual content. Apologies for that.

It sucks trying to make a funny post about the many bugs that lots of us are experiencing just to have people come berate me telling me to just suck it up and play when quite frankly these bugs are runining the game. This post was non serious and some of y'all took it way to personally. Touch grass.

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