What's a pistol you like for home defense and the range?

I don't know how popular this opinion is but I always think if you have a handgun thats only meant for range and home use, something on the larger/heavier size would be better. Beretta 92s and sig 226s come mind. Weight reduces felt recoil, solid capacity. Hell even more competition oriented stuff like the glock 34 might be a better choice over a glock 19. Maybe a usp. If you are not carrying it size doesnt matter, if you can bet away with a braced build might as well. Since you dont have to work with the restrictions of what can be concealed there is a lot more flexibility and plenty of options not used for carry that may be equally if not more fun range guns and better as a weapon on it's own. I would look at some full sized steel frame 9mms personally.

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