90% of GMs

As a DM please listen, psa for all here. I am not having you roll to see if you are good at jumping, we all know you are good at jumping, proficient at jumping. I am having you roll to determine how it goes down. When you roll low it’s not, “I roll low I bad at that” it’s how it went down. Maybe it just rained and the soil is wet and loose, maybe you missed an errant rock and it disrupts your footing. Want to look across the chasm roll perception, not because I want to know if you can perceive, I want to know how it turns out. “5” maybe some dust blew in your eye, maybe you got distracted, maybe there just isn’t a lot to see or make out from this distance and you need a better vantage point or more favorable conditions. Your rolls aren’t to see if you “win” it’s to see how it happens, embrace the suck

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